Bad Blood

So if anyone watched the Billboard Music Awards this past Sunday, I am sure they saw Taylor’s Swift’s starstudded video for her song Bad Blood. if not, it is linked to this post. I can not stop playing this song. I love it. I’d say this video premire was the best part of the ENTIRE awards show. I like watching awards shows but for some reason this year’s Billboard Music Awards did not do it for me. There were some parts I liked, like the tribute to Breakfast Clubs, Nick Jonas’s performance, and Taylor Swifts numerous awardsspeeches, lol, but overall the show sucked. Oh and the hosts, umph they have to choose better hosts next year. But anyhow, I am in love with this song and am proud of Taylor for FINALLy becoming a true pop artist.

Something Big

I have something planned, well not really planned, but its something I’ve had an interest in doing. Its an oppurtunity for me to do some good in the world any way I can. I’ve been offered acceptance into this oppurtunity. Problem is, I don’t know how my family will react. I fear they will reject me because of this oppurtunity. I really want to do this. I feel if I don’t, I’ll regret it.

I’ve graduated college reccently. This oppurtunity had always been in the back of my mind, but I wanted to explore other things first. I came back to this oppurtunity during my final semester in college. I applied, not fully believing that I’d be accepted. Well, a few months later, here I sit, awaiting the final acceptance conformation. Excited and confused as to whether and when I should share this information with my family.

I want them to be happy for me. I want them to see this oppurtunity the way I see it, as a chance. I don’t know how they will react, I’m afraid they won’t understand.

I don’t know what to tell or how to tell them. All I do is hope and pray that they will understand and support my decision.

Just an update

So many things have gone on since my last post. Anyone currently in the U.S. knows what the top headlines are. I will choose not to share my feelings on those headlines. I will however say this, death is uncheatable. Eventually we will all die. Whether it is from disease, homicide, or suicide, our lives will end. I fully accept that. I am not concerned about how or when I will leave this earth. I care only about what I do day to day.

In other news, I am starting my final semester of college, next week. I am set to graduate in December. I hope everything goes well and I finish smoothly.

Til next time, WordPress. 😊

Can I label you?

The question that is not really a question. Are you (insert noun, adjective, label) or something? Apparently asking about someone’s personal life requires you to ask them in not so subtle terms are they the person you think they are. These guided questions, if you can call them that, are usually asked by people who are trying to label a person by the response they give. For example, “Are you gay or something?”, is in the questioner’s mind, an easy way to ask if a person can be labeled gay or straight. The questioner is oblivious to the infinite number of responses that could be given. The frame of the question implies that if you respond no, then you “must” be straight when in actuality, you could be straight, bisexual or asexual. In trying to make it seem like the question only requires a yes or no response, those that respond are not given much chance to elaborate on their response. These type of inquiries should not be deemed questions because the inquirer is only looking for a short response, cutting off the responder after the word yes or no is spoken. Asking about someone’s sexual activity, academic intelligence, or other personal inquiries usually garner this so called question. All the person is really trying to do is put a label on you. I feel that people are so caught up in what others are doing that they are quick to ask these statements in an attempt to look down or have unneccesary quarrels with others. I guess some people think that in order to have meaning to their life they have to judge people based off of a response to a intrusive so called question. 

Happy Birthday to Me!!!!

It’s my birthday today!! I am three years away from 25. Guess my age LOL. Spent the day around fam watching TV and eating food. Just a chill day for me. Back to the grind tommorrow. 😏😃😃

Sam Smith- My New Love Interest

I AM IN LOVE WITH SAM SMITH!!!! I found him on iTunes about a month ago and I have been in love with him ever since. He is an artist from London, and he has been featured on songs with Naughty Boy (La La La) and Disclosure (Latch). His debut album, ‘In The Lonely Hour’, comes to the US on June 17, (It came out in the UK on May 26). The first song I heard from him was Stay With Me. The song features Smith’s soulful vocals and paints a story of a love sick man who can’t get over his one night stand. After hearing the song, I immediately bought it from iTunes. It’s on my iPod and I can’t wait to get the rest of the album. I have had the pleasure of hearing some tracks from the album on his YouTube channel and I fall in love every time I hear it. From what I’ve heard, this album is a must for anyone who is a fan of soulful, love scorned ballads. I’ve included a few of the tracks that I have fallen in love with (In order of my love of course).

1. Lay Me Down

2. Nirvana

3. Leave Your Lover

4. Stay With Me

5. Money On My Mind

6.Not In That Way

7. I’ve Told You Now

Daily Prompt: Futures Past

Today’s Daily Prompt

When I was younger I dreamed of becoming a pediatrician. I loved the idea of helping sick kids feel better. As a kid, I was usually sick and spent much of my childhood in and out of the hospitial. As I got older, my health got a little better, and the only time I’d visit the doctor was for check ups. By middle school, I had my whole life planned out, I’d go to college, go to med school, and become a pediatrician. In high school I took many health related classes and was gearing up for college. I chose nursing as my major and began taking the required classes. Everything was going good until I took general chemistry. The class was down right AWFUL. I did not do well, and as per our program requirements, I had to repeat the class. Not only that, but I would lose points toward my ranking score for having to retake the class. I did better the second time. The next class that gave me trouble was human anatomy & physiology. Wooh, that class was worse than chemistry. I did not do well in that class either. By this time, I had taken the NLN-Pax and did not do well on that. I was still trying hard though. Coming into the Fall 2013 school year, I met with my advisor and was told some devestating news. By this time I had 90+ credits. If I continued on in the major, I would go over the 140 credit limit, since nursing school itself was 60+ credits. If students surpassed 140 credit hours, they would garner a tuition surcharge. A tuition surcharge will require the student to pay out of pocket for any class they take past the 140 credit limit.  I was so angry, here I spent 3 years trying to make my dream come true and I was being told that it may not be possible. I had  basically wasted 3 years of my life. The switch to a new major was also a daunting task. I had to find a program that would accept the courses I had been taking and would enable me to graduate without a tuition surcharge. I considered other health related majors, but those would require more science courses, and some didn’t accept the credits from the classes I had already taken. While taking the prerequisite nursing classes, I was also taking criminal justice classes. My plan when I entered college was to be a nursing major and a criminal justice minor. I talked with the advisor who signed me up for the upper level justice courses I was taking and asked if the switch would be possible. I then went to my nursing advisor and asked her the same questions. Switching to criminal justice would let me keep the credits I already had and I would be able to graduate without a tuition surcharge. I made the switch and became a criminal justice major. It has been two semesters since I changed my major and I feel a little better. I am set to graduate this December. I am looking into going into probation and parole, then after some years I may apply to law school. There were some times where I thought I would have been better off not going to college at all or dropping out after getting that news, but then I look at all I did to get to this point and I feel like I would be letting myself down if I quit now. Although it remains a daily struggle to stay motivated, I will continue on this path until I get what I want.