Adele is back!!

After 4 years, she is back to rule the charts with a new single and an ablum release date of November 25, 2015. Just 1 day before Thanksgiving. Her name has been a trending topic on Twitter and Facebook as well as her single already hitting the top charts. The single, titled Hello, is the


My journal has been empty for a few weeks. I haven’t been on the blog for a few months. Things are up and down. I’m still uncertain about alot of things. I have dreams and hopes and goals. I just don’t know how to express them. I want to be confident in myself, trusting myself

Bad Blood

So if anyone watched the Billboard Music Awards this past Sunday, I am sure they saw Taylor’s Swift’s starstudded video for her song Bad Blood. if not, it is linked to this post. I can not stop playing this song. I love it. I’d say this video premire was the best part of the ENTIRE

Something Big

I have something planned, well not really planned, but its something I’ve had an interest in doing. Its an oppurtunity for me to do some good in the world any way I can. I’ve been offered acceptance into this oppurtunity. Problem is, I don’t know how my family will react. I fear they will reject

Just an update

So many things have gone on since my last post. Anyone currently in the U.S. knows what the top headlines are. I will choose not to share my feelings on those headlines. I will however say this, death is uncheatable. Eventually we will all die. Whether it is from disease, homicide, or suicide, our lives

Can I label you?

The question that is not really a question. Are you (insert noun, adjective, label) or something? Apparently asking about someone’s personal life requires you to ask them in not so subtle terms are they the person you think they are. These guided questions, if you can call them that, are usually asked by people who